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Job Type: Contractual position or firm; Relationship flexibility to be an employee

Job Environment: Regular on-site work in the SDBA office one or two days per week

The Controller serving SDBA is responsible for providing leadership and overall management of the organization’s financial-related activities, including accounting, budgetary, and operational and programmatic support to all agency programs and activities. The Controller will supervise and oversee all financial-related activities including budgeting, cost analysis, cost and risk management,
revenue forecasting, cash-flow management and optimization, reporting, accounting, finance, banking relationships, and capital expenditure, and financial planning and operations. The candidate should have a grasp of the changing landscape of Detroit, specifically Southwest Detroit; changing non-profit funding through earned income, sensitivity to the interface of political impacts on member businesses; billing and payroll; compliance; labor laws; retirement plan administration; and the integration and growth of new services. Candidates should prove effective working in partnership with a well-coordinated leadership team to support the organization’s activities and endeavors. This strategic role requires oversight of the SDBA Senior Business Manager, collaborating well with colleagues and board members within the organization, and requires a strong level of strategic decision-making ability.