Final Presentations for West Riverfront Park!

The final four visions for West Riverfront Park were presented to an audience of community stakeholders on February 8th in Downtown Detroit hosted by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. The teams fielded questions from the panel that will choose the final group to move forward on the next phase of design. Prior to the final presentations the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy compiled a team of Detroiters called the Community Advisory Team (CAT). The CAT traveled to three different cities to check out public space and were encouraged to bring ideas back to Detroit for West Riverfront Park. Some similar themes throughout the designs presented included varying topography to make the flat land more interesting, and some aspect of a community gathering space. The development of this park will connect residents of Detroit to the West Riverfront and bring investment to that area of the Southwest Detroit. The announcement of the winner of the design competition is expected in early Spring of 2018. After the announcement is made, the final team will look to the residents and stakeholders of Southwest Detroit for their input on what they would like to see at the park. The final presentations are available to view on the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Facebook page and to stay updated on the project, you can visit

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