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A Bright Future for Earhart Elementary!

Principal Melissa Villarreal and the students, staff, and families are heading into this school year with intense excitement. This excitement is warranted with the recent news that Earhart Elementary has moved off of the State of Michigan’s Priority School List.  “There has been a much smoother start to this school year”, stated Principal Villarreal. Villarreal, who grew up across the park from Earhart Elementary in Southwest Detroit is starting her second year as Principal. Last year, Earhart was listed as a priority school that had nine teacher vacancies. “Deep inside I knew the needs of the community…in my head I wanted to say no, but my heart couldn’t” said Villarreal as she shared her emotions on how she learned that she was being transferred to Earhart last year.

Principal Villarreal now considers Earhart family. The immense amount of support and gratefulness of the community carried her through last school year and the staff at Earhart is looking to the future. “Now that we are off the priority school list, we want to move as far away from it as possible” said Villarreal. Equipped with a School Improvement Grant from the State of Michigan, Earhart will invest in more technology, assistance in the classroom, and resources. Principal Villarreal and her staff are also working with Detroit Public Schools on a initiative to boost attendance in Detroit schools. The plan involves positively supporting parents in order to boost and maintain student attendance. Much like the Southwest Detroit community as a whole, Earhart relies on the help of everyone involved. Principal Villarreal strengthened this idea when stating “Its not just one person, we all want whats best for the students”.


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