We asked a Southwest Detroit resident to reflect on Thanksgiving traditions within the community!

Juan Carlos Perez talked about his family traditions which include special foods and quality time with family.

“To start off, Thanksgiving is essentially reflected in the kitchen. If everyone else is cooking Turkey, why wouldn’t we? So, what my Mom used to do for Thanksgiving was one of two recipes. One would be an oven roasted Turkey with Chorizo Picadillo stuffing which was the “bomb”!  Another is the Mole Poblano made with Turkey, which I must confess, I didn’t like as much back then just because of the texture of the sauce, but now I miss my Mom making it. You can also make Pozole and Tinga with Turkey, which some of our friends did, but I found it less common with people from Jalisco, which is where I’m from. Traditional holiday drinks include Ponche (which is hot fruit punch), Atole, and Champurrado. Desserts include Capirotadas, and Flan, and of course the more mainstream desserts like  Tres Leches or Gelatina. We enjoyed the get together of families and friends and planning for Black Friday shopping”.

The markets within Southwest Detroit carry all of the ingredients to make these Thanksgiving foods as well as gifts for the upcoming holiday!